Sheldon Bangera is a worship leader, song-writer, music composer and producer from Mumbai, India. He is married to Anita Bangera and is now a father to little baby Amanah Rose.
Initially, an Engineer by profession, Sheldon turned full time musician at the of 25. Ever since, Sheldon has penned over 200 worship songs, many of which are sung in churches across India. For most part of the year on tour, Sheldon is a good connect with campus students through his inspirational life story and contextualized music. He is also India’s first artist to be signed up by global giant Integrity Music. One of the most influential worship leaders of this generation, Sheldon is now slowly breaking ground abroad. He has travelled extensively both the rural and urban parts of India and recently also covered countries of the UAE with the very successful Middle East Tour.

He has been a pioneer to various christian movements like JAAGO, along with Dr. Rony Parakal and his latest initiative, the “India on Wheels Rural Tour” is aimed at using music as a tool to reach and uplift the unreached and underprivileged people groups and sects of India.

His last album Nachoonga was featured in the best sellers list for three years in a row and  created a ripple effect across the globe.  It is also sung as an anthem in various schools across the country. His latest release ‘Raaja Hai Mahaan’ is turning eye balls towards India for the usage of Indian instruments such as the sarod, flute, tablas, dholak, mridangam, ghattam, sitar and manjira. This east – west fusion is said to mark a new chapter in the Christian worship music world.


The SB Band
Sheldon travels with his band now popularly known as The Sheldon Bangera Band. These are friends and musicians, most of which reside within mumbai and are part of different church denominations. They usually meet to make music and travel together playing concerts cross-country and beyond.

The band consists of a 6 piece line up of skilled and anointed musicians who work together to build an atmosphere of worship.
The set-lists are usually high energy praise sets with traces of electronica, fusion, rock and pop and are tight sounding to commercial mix standards while having a congregational flavour enabling people sing along and worship God freely. The SB Band concerts usually have complementing audiovisuals and are constantly innovative from the creative artistic sense as well…

The band is currently on tour to promote their latest album ‘Raaja Hai Mahaan’.
Band Line up is as follows:
Sheldon Bangera –  Guitar & Vocals
Anita Bangera – Backing Vocals
Sunil George – Keyboards
Steve Joseph – Bass Guitars
Steve Kurian – Drums
Sammy Leslie – Lead Guitars
Presty Varghese – Band Manager